Ayiki Tonaki

What's about me? Well, well, well let's go

Que dire de moi? Bon, ben, allez on y va

Ayiki in short resume...

Name: Ayiki Tonaki

Origin: Belgium

Western Zodiac: Twins

Chinese Zodiac: Cat

IQ: 137

Eyes: Very dark green

Hair: Changing , normally red brown

Height: 5’6” 1.70

Body Measurements: 36-24-34 (in) 91-61-86

Weight: 114 Lbs…

Married: No Way

Available: Not Currently Looking

Sexual Preference: Human

Occupation: Teacher/Professional Web Designer/Graphic Artist

Mental Status: 75% sane, 25% crazy or inverse I don’t remember

Religion/Spirituality: Buddhist oriented

Personality Virtues: Open-Minded, Curious, Creative, Romantic, Loving, Devoted to friends, Spiritual, and Empathic

Personality Vices: Persevered, Unsocial, Obsessive, Detached, Flighty, Moody, Hopeless romantic, … I think I forgot some…

Likes: Honesty, Romance, Sincerity, Beauty, Sense of Humor, Intelligence, Open-Mindedness, and Passion

Dislikes: Immaturity, Hypocrites, Gossip, Materialism, Abuse of Any Living Thing, Two-Faced Scum, Arrogance, Male Pigs, … I think I forgot some too.

Pets: 5 cats living outside, 2 turtles (Yin & Yang).

Most Influential Person(s): my Brother, my Girl, and my Mother

Most Visited Website: www.web3d-fr.com

Pepsi or Coke: Water

Favorite Food(s): Thaï food

Favorite Drink(s): Water, Coffee, sometimes fruit flavoured rhum

Favorite Color: Any shade of Black

Favorite Time Period: Medieval/Renaissance

Favorite Poet: Eva Kavian, Francis Ponge, Olga Sedakova, Robert Desnos , ...

Favorite Artist(s): Henri Cartier Bresson, Man Ray, Kandinsky, Kveta Pacovska, Philippe Starck

Favorite Actor(s): Bruce Willis, Jean Reno

Favorite Actress(es): Sandra Bullock, Nastasja Kinski

Favorite Model (female): me

Favorite Model (male): Goran Visnjic

Favorite Movie(s): the fifth element

Favorite TV Show(s): Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Favorite Video Game(s): Lara Croft, Zombini’s

Favorite Software: Photoshop 7

Favorite Singer: Jeanne Mas, Evanescence, and anyone else who has something useful to say

to be continued - à suivre ...