What's about my preferred links? Let's visit them

Que dire de mes liens préférés? Visitez-les

Que dire de ce site: Cool and really nice

We are a group of VRML world builders and object makers who infest Blaxxun. We use our gothic culture, vampirism pizzazz, and general moodiness to make awesome avatars and worlds. This group is for all of us Blaxxun chatters who find the strange interesting and let out the dark side within us. We are the Darkside crashers.

Juste style ou style juste à vous de voir mais il faut voir.

Just Style or style only it's up to you but you must see.

Roses of Lilly

If you need something different in our world have a look there and be fine.

Si vous avez besoin de quelque chose de différent dans notre monde, alors allez y vous en reviendrez différent.

to be continued - à suivre ...