Caliente mix&match

Caliente mix&match

Dangerously hot and sexy, the laces emphasize its sporty dimension while remaining feminine.

You will not go unnoticed on the beach or at the pool, believe me !

Each package contains:
– Different underwear and pants layers
– With applier for EVE avatar slim and pulpy versions
– With applier for MAITREYA avatar
– With applier for BELLEZA avatar

Exist in different colors

Other appliers on simple demand !

A propos Ayiki

I'm a young, belgian woman born in 1975, 2d/3d designer and illustrator from 1993. Graduated from the Brussels High School of art history and history. I discovered online 3D in 1997 with vrml, I builded 30 worlds (chat 3d online) and started a community with building features. I won 3rd place on worldbuilder contest 2003 and 1st public award in worldbuilding contest 2004. I have worked as marketing manager and art director for various design agencies. I work with my brother in our own firm now. I have a part time teaching position at a school for the deaf as well. Speaking skills: Sign Language, French, English, Dutch, and some others that I understand. I employ the philosophy that all design is of one art form without borders. Consequently, through the use of color, form, space, proportion, lighting, pattern and texture, I am able to apply these principles to create unique environments. In addition, I design elements within these spaces such as textiles and surfaces, furniture, light fixtures, graphics, artworks and avatar accessories. The most essential component to my crossover from Fashion Design to Architectural/Interior Design is emphasis on creativity. I have experience in a number of online 3D, virtual systems: blaxxun, aw, moove, vr4all, there, imvu, and Second Life. I have been in Second Life since May 2006. I founded and now manage a group collective known as, "Cre@ction" whose goal is to enhance creation and action into Second Life, share knowledge, collaborate and propose all range of services, following this, the headline of the group is "we e-nable your dreams". I build houses, offices, sims and also make customised outfits, textures and accessories. In short, Build build build .... I like that, it's my personnal drug, sort of viral experiment. Program used: Photoshop, 3dstudio max, Lightwave, zbrush, rhino, for the most used and many other for wich the list is too long :). Caution: this profile is a simple resume, I would be glad to explain more and share my vision.

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