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Sunday April 22nd 2018

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Ayiki started sl in may 2006, coming from others 3d online systems, author of more than 250 complete avatars and more than 30 different worlds outside sl, she started directly to build.

Most known for her mannequins who help people to create prim clothes, texturable mannequins and statue, she own a builder group (Cre@ction) who made yet several SIM for people and RL companies.

Art oriented, she does her own textures, so naturally she starts her first skin in July 2006 to answer demand of custom ones.

Skin by Ayiki Takakura, those take the best elements of photography and are hand modified to reflect what looks best on the avatar in the game and fit generally all sorts of shapes.

Part of a standard collection of skins in varying tones including neko,goth and fetish.

Mostly Ayiki’s skins are created on demand including many options from real pics of the person to completely crazy projects, they reflect the cultural norms of many nationalities and cultures.

Each skins are in 4 versions of make ups + natural make up sold by pack of 2 skins (1 make up + 1 natural) furnished with 5 different pubic hairs versions.

Following same idea, Ayiki started to do lingerie and also swimwear, based on nice laces and fine embroidering with silks, tulles and other soft material, she wanted it sexy and easy to wear.

You will judge yourself ! Says Ayiki  :)

Bienvenue sur ce p’tit site, il est là pour partager et montrer un peu ce que je fais, pour communiquer, vous faire participer visuellement, bref pour que parfois, pour quelques minutes nous partagions quelque chose. Evidemment tout ceci sans aucune prétentions.
Bien sûr, le train étant parti déjà depuis un moment, il pourrait manquer les gares précédentes. J’essayerai de combler cette lacune au fur et à mesure.

Welcome to that little site, it is there to share and show just what I do, to communicate, you visually engaging, sometimes for short, for a few minutes we shared something. Obviously all this without claims. Of course, the train is already gone for a while, he could miss the previous stations. I will try to fill this gap sooner or later.

Kisses, Ayiki