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Saturday June 23rd 2018

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Hawaian Flowers »

Hawaian Flowers

A full sculpty bikini, imagine surrounded by flowers! A unique creation just for you

Bond Babe »

Bond Babe

mmmm Super sexy 1 piece swimwear nice to wear :)

Wired Bikini »

Wired Bikini

A black wired bikini, very modern

Hollywood BB »

Hollywood BB

Hollywood minded bikini, Black & White

I’m too… Harley »

I’m too… Harley

Nice leather 2 pieces with hangers

Rimini »


A one piece gstring V-shaped bikini for those that like to leave some thing to the imagination. its a v lined shape that droppes to the belly button, the center is covered with a thin netting material. This two toned swimsuit  is color changable and comes in many shades. This sexy swimsuit is  just enough for those late night swims.

Hipster »


Its summer time , its time to head to the beach in this sexy wet look bikini that is not only to be admire but wil draw more attention out of the water then in it. Its a soft silky material that feels good against your skin, easy to move in and fits good in all the right places. If you wanna get noticed this is a swim suit to be desired. It [...]

Ibiza »


Ibiza island is well-known for its summer club parties and beach. This really nice swimwear reflect this way of live. Two pieces suit with colored stones attached. Very sexy and finally classy this one will give you a complete control of people around you.

Miami »


Another famous beach in the world. This one piece swimwear is very high-cutted and really sexy. Showing just not too much to bring hearts in your net. It exists in different colors: skin, red, green, blue, black, and at least a black with thiny yellow line on the border (this one is offered like freewear in the shop)

Surf Line »

Surf Line

Finally I can't avoid to do a complete surf swimwear line. So this line present 2 pieces swimwear with an optional short. Then i thinked to add same line in Bermuda style for men (note that women could wear it too). I imagine also a couple wearing coordinate walking on the [...]

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