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Saturday June 23rd 2018

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Souvenir »


Souvenir d'antan: nice lace and fine embroidered busttier with matching thong and g-string ( 8 color versions). A really nice suite, very detailed.

Oh! »


Razzmatazz outfit named "OH" ! Really sexy ensemble that shows what needs to be shown, but also softly embroidered a piece who will not let him be indifferent. Remarquable when you wear it, something to focus regard on you  ( 8 color versions)

Chani »


Chani is an ensemble with socks, nicely embroidered ... a really easy and cool lingerie. Radiant and magnificence, A plus for any ladies wardrobe

Graduate »


A silk top and bottom, easy to wear lightly transparent, soft on the skin with a nice stocking, cool to wear everyday or under an evening dress.

Valentine »


Valentine suit is just a sample on how to overwhelm that special guy,  fascinating lingerie...- a lovely ensemble with misty laces, fine embroidery, very romantic and ... deadly sexy.

I’m too … Sexy »

I’m too … Sexy

I'm too ... Sexy is a super lace and fine embroidered ensemble sportive but sexy something to focus attention on you. For the woman who likes sport even in room !

I’m too … Lacy »

I’m too … Lacy

Sooo lacy, you may hypnotize the audience wearing this  lustre Lingerie- lacy border - Black A very nice ensemble to wear alone or with jeans, really cool, sexy and versatile.

Choc »


Choc is a ready heart-attack lingerie. A super sexy lace and fine embroidered one piece gstring V-shaped with matching embroidered socks. Remarkable when you wear it, something to focus regard on you... just take attention in damages caused around you when wearing it !

Skin Flower »

Skin Flower

Skin flower is just like a flower on your skin, an impressive lingerie, - cool ensemble with nicely embroidered top and thong, soft to wear in each circumstances  ( 8 different colors)

Caress »


Caress is silky, soft, brilliant, finally something special to wear and again... soo perfectly match with your skin. It could be wear "like that" with a jeans to have a rebel glamour look.

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